Writing Rules:

No Rippoffs:  We will not tolerate any rippoffs of any Creepypasta whatsoever.  If you want to make a Creepypasta, then use your brain.  Ripping off someone elses Creepypasta will result in a one day ban, repeating this will result in a one week ban.

No Spinnoffs:  We will not tolerate any spinnoffs of any Creepypasta.  For example, no sequels of Jeff The Killer, Silas The Killer, The Pocket, Eyeless Jack, etc.  Doing this action will result in a one day ban, repeating will result in a week long ban.

No Trollpastas:  These will not be tolerated at all.  We just find it irritating to receive such ignorance.  Posting a Trollpasta will result in a week ban.  If you repeat, the ban will possibly become PERMENANT!

Be Creative:  You could have a wonderful imagination and a great Creepypasta if you try hard enough.  We would really love to see what you can create.  When you create a Creepypasta, we expect to see some wonderful ideas and great writing.  Failing to write a good Creepypasta will only result in getting your Creepypasta deleated, but we give you another chance to add more detail.

No Editing:  There will be no editing anyone else's Creepypasta that isn't yours.  The only Creepypasta that you can edit is yours.  Editing someone else's Creepypasta will result as a one day ban.

Commenting Rules:

Be Appropriate:  When you comment on a Creepypasta, please be appropriate and think twice about what you say.  We do not want to start a war here.  Writing any innappropriate comments will get you a one day block.

No Advertising:  One of our least favorite things, next to Trollpastas.  Please, no advertising for your wiki or YouTube channel or anything like that.  Doing this will result in a week ban.

No Critisism:  Please don't critisize anyone's Creepypasta.  Some people on here really can't take critisism.  Critisizing will result in getting your comment deleted with a warning.  Please respect any Creepypastas on here.