Picture 3 Silas

Silas The Killer

Have you ever known what fear really meant? Well I definitely believe I have. It happened when I heard something downstairs, so I grabbed a flashlight and went to see. I was looking everywhere to find out what the noise was, and when I searched the kitchen, I was frightened to find out what I saw. It was a man standing there, he looked like he was about five foot five, he had black hair, black empty soulless eyes, black lips, and pure white skin. He was holding a knife and it looked like he was eating something. He slowly placed the knife down and walked towards me. I was shaking in fear and I was too scared to move. When he came about a foot away from me, he knelt down to me and was stroking my hair with his white fingers. For some reason, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his face, and his skin actually was smoother than I thought, and then he spoke to me. "Janet..." he said to me very quietly in a deep voice, "Remember me?". I was too scared to answer him, so he told me who he was. "It's me, Silas." he added, and when I heard those words come out of his mouth, I was down right terrified. Silas was my older sister's best friend until he disappeared. He grabbed my arm lightly, walked me upstairs, put me in my bed, and pulled the covers up. He told me to stay calm and he told me how this happened. The story I'm about to tell may not be 100% accurate, but I'll tell you anyway.

Ok here it goes...

It started when Silas had a strange dream one night, it was about him in a long hallway and on the other side of the hall was a man. The man looked exactly like him, but the man was paler than Silas and looked more insane and evil. The man pulled out a knife and started rushing towards Silas. Silas was too scared to move, and when the man was about to stab him, Silas woke up. He just dismissed it as a bad dream and decided to go for a walk, since he was always inside playing video games like every other 12 year old would in the summer. Silas got some clean clothes on and went to the door, but when Silas was about to walk out, his mother stopped him. "Where are you going without your jacket?" she asked him in a worried tone, she was always overprotective with him. "Mom," replied Silas, "It's summer." "I don't care what season it is, the news said that there would be cold winds right about now.". "Fine." said Silas, and he grabbed his favorite greenish, brownish jacket, but his mother stopped him again. "Let your brother come with you." she said with Daniel beside her. "Ugh, fine." he said, and left with Daniel.

It was getting late and Silas and Daniel have been walking for a while. Daniel stopped, "And we go home now, please?" said Daniel, exhausted. "Fine, we can go." said Silas, but when they turned around to go home, there was someone standing there. The man looked exactly like the one in Silas's dream. "Well well well," said the man in a demonic voice, "Looks like I have some company.". "Look, we're not here to fight you, we just need to get home, so if you excuse us, we need to pass by." said Silas. "Who are you talking to?" said Daniel, thinking his older brother was crazy. "Him." said Silas, pointing at the man standing there, but unfortunately, Daniel couldn't see him. "You're crazy." said Daniel, laughing. "I'm not crazy the man is-" Silas paused to see that he wasn't there anymore. Silas didn't rub that one off that time, he knew something was up now, and when Silas took a step forward, he felt extreme pain in the stomach, like someone punched him. Silas fell to the ground, but got back up. Silas grabbed Daniel and ran back to their house. There was something wrong, and he knew it.

The next night, the dream happened again, but this time, Daniel was there and so was his mother. Silas's mom was chained to a wall and the chains seemed like they would go on forever if you tried to see how long they were. Daniel was strapped to what looked like a bed that would be in a mental hospital. Silas was there too, standing right in front of the man. The man looked at Silas with his deep, black eyes. "Do it." he said to him, holding a knife. "No." Silas said, trying to defend his family. "I said do it!" said the man angrily, forcing Silas to hold the knife. "No, I won't. I'd rather die." said Silas, trying to look brave, but he was petrified. The man pulled out another knife and stabbed Silas in the stomach. The man looked towards Silas's mom, slowly walked towards her, placed the knife on her throat, and slowly pushed it in. Silas could hear his mother scream in pain and tried to get up, but it was no use, she was already dead. The man walked towards Daniel, placed down the knife, and grabbed what looked like a hammer. The man raised the hammer and right when he slammed it on him, Silas woke up, he couldn't stand this madness anymore. He told his mom about it and they went to the doctor's office to see what was wrong.

Silas was a bit drowsy due to his lack of sleep, but tried to keep himself up. When Silas got out of his deep thoughts about the events, he found himself in the doctor's office in a chair. "Hey there sport," said the doctor, "I'm Dr. Alfred. I heard you have been having these dreams lately." "Yeah, it won't stop, no matter what I do." Silas replied. "I think I have a solution." said Dr. Alfred, looking in his cabinet for the right pill bottle. "Here we go," he pulled out a bottle of pills that would help Silas sleep better, "This should help." "Thank you." said Silas, taking the bottle, letting his mom pay for it, and they left.

About a few weeks past before Silas encountered the man again, but this time, the man looked like he just killed somebody, the man had a knife with him. "Well hello again." said the man, rushing at Silas, and stabbed him in the shoulder. Silas fell to the ground on his knees and got stabbed in the back, then the stomach and legs. Silas just laid there gushing blood, someone called an ambulance, but Silas passed out. Silas then woke up in a hospital bed, feeling dizzy, then the nurse came in. "Good morning." she said, "Ready for your replacement blood?". Silas looked at her confused. "Don't worry, we tested the blood for people like you." she said, "Someone said that you just started to gush blood at the scene randomly, what happened exactly?". "It was him." said Silas, "He did it to me." "Who did what to you?" asked the nurse. "He had a knife with him. He stabbed me. He wouldn't stop." said Silas, looking at his wounds. "Well, that's not what I heard, it just might be the amount of blood you lost for you to act like this." said the nurse, and injected some blueish-purpleish liquid into Silas. Silas was told to stay calm during this or it wouldn't work as they thought it would. Once it was over, the nurse gave him his clothes, let him go to his parents, and his parents went home. Silas felt a little dizzy and his mom had groceries in the back of the car, so they quickly drove home.

The next morning, Silas was woken up by a scream. It was his mother, standing there in fear, too scared to move. "Mom, you okay?" said Silas, confused. "Honey, go look in the mirror." Silas ran into the bathroom to see what happened overnight, and when he saw it, he almost screamed himself. His hair became from a dark brown to a pitch black, his pinkish lips were now a really dark purple, his skin was now a pure white, but what terrified him most was his eyes. His eyes, his dark brown eyes, were now a soulless, empty black. "I think you should stay home from school today." his mom said, and Silas went back to bed sorrowful and yet full of rage at the same time, yet he didn't sleep.

It was really late, like 10:30 or so, and everyone was asleep except for Silas. Silas was full of rage and hatred, "Why? What did I do?" said Silas angrily, then he got out of bed, put his clothes on, grabbed a large kitchen knife, and left. Silas went to a teen's house, went to his room, and stabbed him 14 times in the chest while he was asleep. Silas went to the teen's parents room, gutted the dad's stomach, and slit the mom's throat. Silas then went to the hospital to find the nurse and the doctor that made the liquid for Silas, and stabbed them both. It was a bad night for Silas, and his future will become even worse. Silas then went all around the neighborhood killing people out of rage and anger and could not be stopped. He is nothing but a killing machine only hungering for death of others. Around one in the morning, Silas went to his house. He grabbed a ton of cash from everyone's wallet, like $250 or $260. Silas was even more raged than ever and had the urge to kill his own family. When Silas went to Daniel's room, he raised the knife, but stopped. He tried to fight back, but his new side took over, and he stabbed Daniel in the throat. Silas spent a minute or so gutting his little brother, then he stepped back to look at what was left of his brother. Daniel was mangled, torn, sliced, and everything. Silas felt a bunch of regret building inside him. Silas was too regretful, so he just left his mother to see the body.

Next morning, Silas's mother woke up and went to wake up Daniel. When she saw what happened, she screamed at the top of her lungs, and ran to Silas's room. She noticed that Silas wasn't there, and she became really scared and worried, but she noticed a note on the bed. She went to pick it up, and it said this.

"Dear mom,

I am still alive because I knew that you would worry, but I am not the same person anymore. You saw Daniel didn't you? I was the one that mauled him, I'm the murderer. I am truly sorry for this, I chose this path, but it wasn't much of a choice. I didn't want to become this, it was that man. He did this to me. I will never forgive him, nor will I see him anymore. Ever since this happened to me, I never see him. I am sorry, I am truly sorry. I still love you.

Your son, Silas"

She placed down the note and started to cry. She went into her bathroom to get dressed. When she put her head down to moisten her hair, and brought her head back up, she was petrified. Standing there, next to the shower, with a kitchen knife at hand, was Silas.

"Sweet dreams... Ha ha ha haaa..."