As Jenna was sitting on the couch, watching a movie, the phone rang.  She walks over to the phone and picks it up.  On the other end of the line was her best friend, Mary.  She asks Jenna if she wants to go to a restaurant for dinner at six, to which, Jenna agreed.  Jenna hangs up the phone and looks at the clock, showing that it was five thirty-six.  She quickly grabs her things and walks out the door.  As she was walking down the sidewalk, there was a rustling in a bush behind her.  She turns her back straight at the bush only to see nothing.  Jenna shrugs her shoulders and continues to stroll down the sidewalk.  After a ten minute walk, Jenna sees her friends and the restaurant.  Mary and her other friend, Harmony, greet Jenna and walk into the restaurant.

Mary ordered a salad, Harmony ordered spaghetti, and Jenna ordered some curry.  As they waited for their meals to arrive, the three were talking about new clothes at the mall.  Jenna looks out the window to see a boy standing about thirty feet away, just staring at her.  It was hard to tell the boy's features and Jenna decided to shake it off.  She looks back at the table to see that her meal arrived.  As she was done eating, Jenna saw the boy again, sitting at a table, staring at her.  Mary and Harmony catch her staring at the boy and look in the same direction.  The boy stands up from his seat and starts to walk over to them.  The waiter stepped in front of the boy and asked for the bill.  The boy said nothing, but only penetrate the waiter's stomach with only his clenched fist.  The waiter fell to the floor, bleeding and gasping for breath.  Jenna, Mary, and Harmony panicked as they get out of their seats run to the door.

The three run out of the restaurant and out into the streets.  After about five minutes of running, they stopped and looked back to see if they were safe.  To their relief, nobody was there.  Even though Mary and Harmony were calm, Jenna was sitting there against the brick wall, humming herself a lullaby that her mother used to sing to her when she was a baby.  She paused repeatedly to either swallow her saliva or to catch her breath.  Just as Jenna calmed down, the boy from the restaurant appears from the horizon.  Jenna stood up and, instead of running, like her friends did, took a good look at the boy.  He was wearing a plain, dark blue T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and what looked like Nike shoes.  His face looked normal, but when Jenna looked closer, she realized it was a mask.  The mask looked like a teenage boy with tan skin and blue eyes  She snapped out of her observant state and bolted away.  After about a minute, she caught up with Mary and Harmony.  They look back to see that the boy was still following them, but he it looked like he was running.  They immediately turned and ran towards the outskirts of town, but as they get to the fence, the boy grabbed Mary by the neck of her shirt and pulled her back.  They heard the boy say," What is your favorite spot?" Jenna and Harmony didn't stop to look, but they could hear Mary's screams of pain and terror as the boy mercilessly ripped her chest open and claws out her internal organs.

It was now only Jenna and Harmony as they were still running from whoever had just killed their friend.  They looked back again to see that the boy was still chasing them, but he was covered in blood and pieces of flesh.  As they turned back forward, they saw the woods that is near the city.  Jenna and Harmony ran as fast as they could, but the boy was quicker.  He caught up to Harmony and grabbed her by the arm. "What is your favorite spot?", she hears again.  Jenna looks back to see that her only living friend was laying on the ground as the boy was pounding her chest, making her bleed to death.  Jenna turned to look away at the disgusting scene and ran into the woods.

Now it was only Jenna, and she was running for her life.  She looks back to see if he was still following her, and yet, he still was.  When she wasn't looking, she tripped on a stone in the ground.  She fell to the ground and tried to get up.  Jenna turns to see that the boy was standing over her.  The more she looked, the more it looked like he was floating.  The boy gets down on his knees over her arms to stop the squirming.  Jenna thought it was over.  The boy picks up a large rock beside him and raises it, ready to crush Jenna.  She looks at the boy, then the rock, too scared to scream for help.  The boy throws the rock right into Jenna's left shoulder, viciously dislocating it.  Jenna snapped out of her state of fear and screamed in pain.  The boy raises the rock again, aiming for Jenna's head.  Jenna broke free of her good arm and punched the boy in the chest, throwing him off guard.  She continues to punch him in the face and push the boy off of her.  Instead of running away, Jenna grabs the blood stained rock and bashed it into the boys skull, knocking him unconscious.  Jenna takes the mask off to see the boy's true face.  His face was scorched and charred, with gashes and scars all over his face, and parts of his brunette hair were singed of.  His soulless blue and silver eyes stared into the starry night sky as he laid there on the cold, hard ground.  Jenna pulls out her phone and calls the police.  After waiting for an ambulance to come, she spots something in the boys pocket.  She pulls it out to see that it was an old newspaper.  The newspaper was foul and singed as Jenna unfolded it.


Around one thirty in the morning on February 19th, 2003, the house of a family of three was unexpectedly burnt to the ground.  The couple, Susan (Age 34) and David Luke (Age 41), were found dead that night with burn marks all over.  David was found to have a smashed skull, as if someone used a rock.  Their son, XX Luke (Currently 8) was never found.  The son's name will remain confidential until further notice."

All she could hear was one haunting cry.

"Where is your favorite spot?"