"I never really wanted to kill anybody, nor would I even want to think about it.  It was all his fault, he made me into this monster.  Ever since that sorrowful and terrifying day, I have always hated him.  What did I ever see in that bastard?  Why would he even become that?  I hate you... I hate you so much.  I am going to get my revenge on you.  I'm coming, Silas."

The recording ends there and the police were still left confused.  All they know is that a woman the age of nineteen had escaped from her cell at the Edmond Mental Hospital and left a recording behind, nothing more, but they obviously knew the one she called "Silas", and she meant the one and only, Silas The Killer.  They might know why the escaped woman hates Silas because they know parts of her backstory, but I know all of it.  I was a close friend of her, I still remember her name after six and a half years.  Juliet...

It was in the summer, around July or so, I was walking with Juliet through town and Juliet tugged my shoulder, pointing at a boy that we recognized from our school, and surely it was Silas.  He was walking with his little brother, Daniel, and he asked Silas if they could go back home.  "Can we go home now, please?" asked Daniel.  "Fine, we can go." replied Silas, and they turned to go back.  I told Juliet that we needed to head home since it was getting late, but Juliet saw something.  She saw fear in Silas's eyes, as if he saw a ghost.  I saw it as well and we tried to listen to what Silas was saying.  "Look, we're not here to fight you, we just need to get home, so if you excuse us, we need to pass by." said Silas.  "Who are you talking to?" said Daniel, I was thinking of the same thing.  I couldn't hear what they're murmering, but Juliet looked like she heard everything.  Juliet and I stood there in shock as we saw Silas fall to the ground.  Juliet was about to run to see if he was alright, but Silas immediately stood up, grabbed Daniel, and ran as fast as he could.  "What was that all about?" I ask Juliet, not really caring that much, but I saw that Juliet was concerned, "We need to get home, Juliet." I say, tugging her arm.  She finally comes back from thinking, "Alright." she said, and we finally go back to our homes.

Juliet was is a state of concern and fear at the same time, "What should I do, should I help him, should I stay out of it?  Maybe I should talk to him, but then, I think I should not.  Maybe I should talk to him after a week to see if he's better." Juliet finally made up her mind.  She was going to see if he was alright in a few days, but when that happened, she never expected to see what she saw.

Juliet was walking to Silas's house to see if he was alright, but she saw him going out for another walk.  Silas stood still for a few seconds in the same fear that he had a week ago, then he fell to the ground, with stab wounds all over him.  He was laying there in a puddle of blood.  Juliet was horrified and pulled out her phone and called an police.  She saw them put Silas on a hospital bed and take him away.  Juliet now knew that something was wrong with Silas, and after another week, she decided to go back to Silas's house once more.

Juliet went to Silas's house at night this time so she could talk to Silas privately.  She made it to Silas's house and quietly went to his room, but he wasn't there.  Juliet didn't know what to do now, that's when he felt something, something hard.  Something hit her in the back of the head.  Juliet fell to the ground, unconcious.  She later woke up in her own living room.  Confused, she looked around to see if there was anything out of the ordinary, then she saw Silas.  She was petrified at his new appearance, pure white skin, pitch black eyes, blackish, greyish hair, blackish, purpleish lips, black clothing, and his favorite dark green jacket.  "Well hello there, little dove." he said, his voice more ominous "Glad to see you woke up.".  "Why am I here, what happened to you?" said Juliet, full of fear.  Silas giggled creepily "A miracle happened.  Thanks to you, I look gorgeous.  Now, to pay for my graditute," Silas paused and pulled out a large kitchen knife from his jacket pocket, "I am going to make you just as beautiful!".  Juliet stood there, too scared to move, she thought it was over for her.  Silas then cuts his wrist open, grabs a wine glass, and pours his blood into it.  Juliet was confused for a second, but then she realized what he was planning to do.  Silas pins Juliet to the wall, hold her mouth open, and pours his blood in her.  Juliet felt numb as she saw that she was changing.  Her skin became very bright, almost white, her hair went from blond to a crimson-brown, her lips became a deep red, her clothes became a long, black dress, and her eyes became from a sky blue to a extremely deep violet.  Juliet became too scared, she passed out, and all she heard were two words.  "Sweet dreams..."

Juliet woke up and found herself in a cell.  She was wandering what she was doing there until a doctor came.  "Hello there, sweety." he said, "Ready for the tests?".  "What tests?" Juliet asked, the doctor replied "You are our new test subject of paranormal things.".  Juliet felt sorrow but also rage inside her.  "He did this to me..." she muttered, "I'll never forgive him..."